I planned to go to the village again today and it rained so much at night that I thought I could hardly go in the morning. But I had to go then my mother woke me up early in the morning and told me not to go to the village. I told my mother that it had rained a lot last night and it was difficult to go today, then my mother said that the roads are very clean, there is no standing water, everything is clean.

I got ready again and after taking a bath I took out my bike and told my mother that I would have breakfast. Then my mother told me to go to the village and have breakfast. But I said I have to have breakfast here, so my mother told me to have a good breakfast there in the village. Then I got on the bike and we started walking. On the way, we saw a lot of good things. When it rained at night, the morning scene was different. The roads were clear and the wind was cold.

I asked my mother which way to go because there are 2 ways to our village and both ways are very beautiful. But the path we took turned out to be wrong because there was a lot of water standing on that path and there was no way to go beyond it at all. Then we turned the bike back and planned to go the other way but the other way is very clear because it is a carpeted road which is very well made.

Then we took the straight path and reached the village. As soon as we reached the village, I told my cousin to make breakfast for me. I am hungry soon. So she laughed and said to me, "You are hungry. You have not come home from eating. Why should I make breakfast?" Then I told my aunt and she hurriedly told my cousin and she prepared for me a very delicious breakfast which had a lot of things. There was pratha, there was tea, there was butter, and with it, there was egg and lassi and wow wow it's so delicious.

When I ate my fill, he went out with his beloved cousin and then went to another cousin's house. I saw in the room that maybe my uncle is sitting in the room but then the younger cousin said no this is him my cousin went in again then it was really the same. Then I sat with him for some time and watched some movies on TV and I also eat papad etc. After that, we went to the shop. There was a cousin sitting there and he was in the mood to go to the canal today to take a bath but it was not decided whose bike the bike would go to. In the end, everyone decided to let the bikes stay and take a big rickshaw and ride in it on the canal to bathe.

We all said it was okay but then everyone said it was time for lunch then we ate and left then everyone said okay. But in the end, no one came out of the house after eating because it was very hot and everyone was sleeping in the house. Then I went to my cousin's shop and there was an air cooler installed. I also fell asleep in front of the cooler and when I woke up in the evening it was too late.

And when we went home, my mother was also waiting for us to go back home, so we took out our bikes and went out of the house. And aunty also gave us pure milk for the house and we came home so slowly so this was my most beautiful story today which was very important to me with my mother

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