It was morning time. I woke up to go to the village. My mother had been saying for many days that I have to go to the village, so I thought let's go today. I got ready early in the morning and we left for the village at 9 in the morning. Our village is not far away. Our city is Liaquatpur and our village is 139A which is very beautiful. I am writing this story today so that I can share my whole day with you all because I am very fond of blogging for which I had no reason to write anything so I thought of writing something in my village today to be taken.

Whenever we go to our village, our aunts respect us very much because the people of the village are very hospitable and Allah has given us a lot of respect anyway, which is less to be thanked for. After reaching the village I drank tea and then went out and walked towards the shops where my cousin has a big shop where you can find everything you come to buy from a town. But the same thing happened as the cousin went to the shop. Not one but 3 to 4 were sitting together and when they saw me they started saying the same thing.

Hey, cousin please gives us a bottle, Then I laughed that my friend is a guest or you all hahaha but I also enjoy their work because they say to drink a bottle and I do not give them a drink. But it all goes on in a village, then we all go to the roof of the cousin's shop where there is a room with a carpet. Which they brought from father Saudi Arabia and in the room then we all play ludo and have fun. Well then at such a time it is noon and the cousin's call comes that the meal has been prepared because our Pathans make lunch or dinner quickly.

Well, I forgot to mention that there is another cousin whose shop is very close but he is a very stingy person but I still eat up to 50 rupees from his shop for free and he used to call me hungry guy lol. We used to live in the village ourselves but due to school and other reasons, we had to shift from the village to the city. If a man has a beautiful house in the village, what else should he do in life, but I want to tell you that we also have our own house in the city.

But at 4 o'clock in the evening, we leave the village for the city and in about 10 minutes we reach our house and come home and take a shower and then pick up the same mobile and use Facebook and enjoy the rest. Then they go out to the city with a friend and go to a friend's shop and sit down. By the way, my life is very boring. What do you say? I will tell you about living at home in the next post. There are some fun things hidden in life as well as boredom and if you want to have fun in life then just keep your parents happy and then see what happens.

Dude, if you like this story of my own personal life today, please let me know. Now I will bring you such a post in my daily routine, In Sha ALLAH.

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