The Book Of My Life That Has Fallen From Me

Anyway, guys hope you will be fine I actually had to share one thing with you guys Because I'm so worried I used to work in the bank and I worked honestly but after one year I was fired. To this day they have not told me why they took me out but I agreed to take them out of the bank and came home. But the bank where I worked for 1 year has withheld my 2 months salary and it has been 6 months today but they have not given me my money.

My father goes to the bank to give them money today but they are just talking and not giving me money. If the money was small, maybe I would have given up, but the money is too much more than 70 thousand rupees. Now you guys tell me what to do. Because I need a lot of money at home at the moment and I don't have any money at all. If I wanted to, I might make a video and put it on YouTube or share it on Facebook. I forgot to tell you the name of the bank to my friends. The owner of this bank is The First MicroFinance Bank who is not paying my money.

Today I have had a very bad day anyway. I worked from morning to evening and did not earn a single rupee and I am a poor boy. I work hard to run the house and I work part-time for Blogging. Sometimes I think of creating a channel on YouTube where I can post good videos, but then I think I need to have a good mobile phone that I don't have. If I create a good channel on YouTube, I can probably make good money from it.

Today's story started as soon as I woke up in the morning when I left home for work and kept looking for work all day but I couldn't find work anywhere and then went back home. Today a very strange thing was that 2 boys were fighting and there was a lot of rush. When I asked someone why they were fighting, they were told that they were talking to each other's sister. I don't understand where our Pakistani young generation is going how can you talk to each other's sister.

If he had been in her place, he would have beaten the boy so much that he would have remembered for the rest of his life how sad it is when someone does this to his mother and sister no one is ashamed. Whenever I go to the parks, I see boys and girls sitting there. It is very sad that she is also someone's sister, someone's daughter.

I have never done anything like this in my life, I have never done anything wrong to anyone and I can never see anyone being hurt. I ask all of you brothers to please keep a close eye on the children of your family when and what they are doing because we do not know what they are doing. Because if we keep an eye on them at this age and control them, then understand that their life will change. Always keep checking their mobile and keep an eye on such movements.

And always remember me in your prayers so that Allah may protect us from all the diseases that come upon us. Ameen.
And one thing I want to say is always served your parents because this is the most beautiful gift we have received from God that we do not appreciate. If you want to know the value of parents, then know those whose parents are no longer alive in this world. Whenever I pray after prayers, I first pray, especially for my parents. May Allah grant us all the health and well-being of our parents and may our parents live a long life. Amen.

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